We retain world-class software engineers, designers, and analysts to suit your specific requirements in Web, AI/ML, Analytics, and Blockchain projects.

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Gist Highlighter is a lightweight Google Chrome extension to assist you with information processing. Use highlights and summaries to focus on what’s important.


I have a project — can you help with implementation?

We provide full-cycle development services including business analysis, identity design, implementation, quality assurance, and support. This process is very flexible, so you only get what you need.

We already have a team — can you help us scale?

Our network includes only true professionals to effectively improve and speed up the work within an existing team. We hold unique expertise to solidify your team, so you can focus on the tasks and not the recruitment.

I have an idea for cooperation — is it interesting for you?

We hold a few strong partnerships with fellow companies to mutually improve our expertise and network, share projects, or support each other in any alternative way. If you have something similar in mind, be sure to contact us!

What’s your proficiency?

We provide quality services in Engineering, DevOps, Security, Backend, Frontend, UI/UX Design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain, Cryptography, and Tech Consulting domains.

What’s your tech stack?

To cover our expertise we use an industry-standard tech stack and always customize it for every project to optimize efficiency and cost.

Our main languages include Golang, Python, and JavaScript/TypeScript. For infrastructure, we use AWS / GCP or any other cloud provider; Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, and other appropriate tools where needed. For the web, we prefer common frameworks such as Django, Flask, React, Next, Express, Vue, Nuxt, and others.

Our stack also includes many other task-specific tools, but be sure we have everything covered.

I need a website — where do I start?

If you decide to work with us, we handle everything! Analyze similar solutions in your domain, compose a style sheet for your brand, design how it looks, fill your website with quality content, implement, deploy, and maintain. At every stage, we welcome your feedback and make revisions based on your preferences.