Grindset is the state of mind one puts oneself in, to push through the impossible and achieve greatness.

The Leaders

Andrii Maurin

Founder, CEO


The one who stood at the very idea of Grindset Software.

Having started his career as a core software engineer in a prominent fintech startup Stroom.Network, he obtained a lot of knowledge and intuition on how to run a successful company.

Oleksii Paharskyi

Co-Founder, CTO


His vision for advanced tech solutions is what‘s pushing Grindset Software forward.

He has a remarkable background in software engineering, system architecture, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. His data-driven mindset laid the groundwork for us.

The Vision

Our vision is the foundation for us. It was the first thing that pushed us to outline our beliefs in a software engineering company.

Grindset is a philosophy, a way of life. It celebrates hard and consistent work, self-belief, determination, and discipline. It‘s a mindset that pushes us to outperform, focus on what‘s important, and achieve impossible results.

Today, Grindset Software is a manifestation of the vision. It's a hands-on application of these core principles to the software engineering domain.

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